Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tribute To Space Exploration

3DAstronomer is a tribute to both space exploration’s past and future. This program could never have been made without the courageous efforts those who dared to ask what was in the great unknown. Space exploration changed the way we look at the stars in the sky, and it also changed our visual perception of planet Earth. Consider the amazing feats of space exploration within the past 60 years:

In the 1950s, satellites revolutionized weather forecasting when they began beaming home television images of cloud patterns.

In the 1970s, astronaut photography showed the space images of the earth for the first time in true color- the so-called “Blue Marble” representation of our planet.

Since 1972, satellite sensors have been acquiring atmosphere, land, ice, and ocean data with increasing spectral, spatial, and temporal resolution. These satellite remote sensing systems, like NASA’s Earth Observing System (EOS) help us to understand and monior Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological processes.

With 3DAstronomer, you will have the chance to look upon the earth as if you were hovering above the atmosphere. See for yourself the images that have helped us better understand our planet.


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